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Frequently Asked Printing Questions, Shipping information and Paper DescriptionFrequently Asked Printing Questions

Q: I have an estimate number. Do I still need a purchase order?

Yes, we always give you an estimate number with your quote. In order to ensure the accuracy of your print order and the timely delivery of your jobs, a complete purchase order form MUST accompany your job.

Q: Do you gang run your jobs?

Absolutely not! Circle Press runs each job individually on Heidelberg GTO/MO presses. This is the only way to ensure that the quality of your job cannot be compromised.

Q: What kind of trade protection do you offer?

We print and protect. We do not deal direct. We offer you extra added protection by providing Datalabel (your custom shipping label and Generic FTP) as part of our standard FREE services.

Q: What is an etch?

The process of overall gloss lamination followed by a spot matte varnish. This can only be done on one side. The results are dramatic.

Q: What is a stochastic dot and when would you use it?

Stochastic printing, also called frequency modulation (FM) screening, uses small (10, 20 or 25 Micron), same size dots in a random pattern and varies the density of the dot to create an image that is closer to continuous tone. Stochastic printing uses a random dot, which takes the mathematical value of the dot and distributes its components inside the halftone cell. Stochastic patterns make possible halftone printing without the use of conventional dots. As a result, problems associated with screening striped or finely detailed fashion sportswear that would result in a moire patterns are eliminated.

Q: When should you use varnish?

Varnish is a variation of printing ink. It can be clear or tined, glossy or dull, and it performs on a printing press as normal ink. From the production viewpoint, varnish is a sealer that overprints ink and paper helping to protect the finished printing piece from being scratched and scuffed. From a design viewpoint, dull varnish is sometimes used to reduce glare on glossy paper and thus increases readability. For design effects, gloss and dull varnishes are used independently or in combinations. They can make a sheet glisten or make it appear smooth and shiny. Try spot varnish to add an enhanced appearance to photography, increase vibrancy of colors, or add interest and clarity to charts and diagrams.

Q: Can I approve my job on press?

Absoultey! We encourage clients to be on press for the printing of their job. Our customer area designed with your comfort in mind. High-speed internet connection and free coffee.

Q: Can you run my job without any proof?

We can, but you are taking great risk. We can run your job by the color bars on the press sheet, but without some indication of the final color desired, you must be willing to rely on the judgment of the press supervisor. We will run the standard ink densities.

Q: Can I request that you vary from the color on my proof?

If a color variation can be achieved on press, we will make it provided you are willing to rely on the judgement of the press supervisor.

Q: Do you run jobs on second or job lot papers to cut cost?

No. We only run on high-quality stock.

Q: Do you carry any recycled stock?

Yes. Our coated text-weight and cover-weight stocks are recycled.

Q: Can I supply my own stock?

Absolutely. We will always give you stock requirements along with your estimate.

Q: I am a broker and would like to take advantage of your "DataLabel program", how do i send you my information?

You can send us your logo digitally. If you can't, simply send us your stationery or printed label and we will be happy to scan your logo FREE of charge.

Q: Can you arrange UPS or FedEx delivery for me?

Yes. We can ship Next-Day or Federal Express at your cost or you may supply us with your UPS or Federal Express account number and we will arrange for a third-party billing.

Q: Can I request split shipments?

Yes. If there are split shipments, please indicate this prominently on the order form (even if you supply a separate listing of the addresses and quantities). There is a charge for each additional shipment.

We carry a full range of first line papers to meet all your printing needs.

Centura Family

A high brightness, blue-white, off-machine blade coated paper offering an excellent printing surface. Because Centura is made in an alkaline system, there is no acid residue to cause long-term deterioration of fibers. Therefore, these papers are acid-free and archival quality. Recommended for prestigious print work.

• 80# Centura gloss text
• 100# Centura gloss text
• 80# Centura gloss cover
• 100# Centura gloss cover
• 120# Centura gloss cover

• 80# Centura dull text
• 100# Centura dull text
• 80# Centura dull cover
• 100# Centura dull cover
• 120# Centura dull cover

Strathmore Writing

Most complete and versatile premium correspondence paper system available. Matching text, business card and #10 envelopes ideal for corporate identity programs. Strathmore Writing is the nation's leading 25 percent cotton fiber correspondence paper.

• #24 Strathmore Writing Ultimate White
• 88# Strathmore Writing Ultimate White
• #10 Strathmore Writing Commercial Flap Envelope
• #10 Strathmore Writing Square Flap Envelope


Arguably the finest coated printing surface anywhere. Kromekote delivers outstanding reproduction of photographic images and vibrant saturated colors.

• 10pt KromeKote C1s
• 10pt KromeKote C2s
• 12pt KromeKote C1s
• 12pt KromeKote C2s


The Carolina brand of one and two-side coated covers is known as the leader in the coated bristols market segment. Outstanding brightness, smoothness and consistency are the characteristics that have helped Carolina maintain world-class recognition.

• 10pt Carolina C1s
• 10pt Carolina C2s
• 12pt Carolina C1s
• 12pt Carolina C2s
• 15pt Carolina C1s
• 18pt Carolina C1s

Finch Fine

Finch paper is a home grown product. Made from trees grown right here in New York State. This premium uncoated printing paper is highly regarded throughout the publishing, advertising and marketing industries for high brightness, tremendous opacity and superior smoothness. With Finch Paper, colors leap off the page like no other uncoated sheet. Half-tones are sharper and richer in detail. And when it comes to run-ability on press, no paper beats Finch Paper's performance and reliability.

• 70# Finch Fine Text
• #80 Finch Fine Cover
• 120# Finch Fine Cover

Label Stock

• 60# p/s Kromekote
• 60# p/s Uncoated

Every interaction with your client is an opportunity to shine. Datalabel, our new propriety software, makes your packages look professional. No need to send labels, just send a scan of your logo. Each package will then have your own company logo and contact information on it along with complete packing information. You will receive an email from us the moment your packages are labeled and ready for delivery.